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Solar Lead Generation Enterprising Spirit

Solar Lead Generation helped raise the awareness of fellow Americans on the importance of solar energy and how it could help preserve our natural resources by reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses.

However, there are other surprising turnaround of events with regard to solar energy. Like in Texas, where a female homeowner agreed to lease her household’s roof to a solar energy provider and earned a monthly profit from it.

In local news, a female owner in San Antonio, Texas agreed to have her roof rented by CPS Energy’s pilot program with Power Fin Partners aptly named Solar Host. Based on the article, the solar energy company would rent out the rooftops of qualified households, they would pay for the installation of the solar panel rooftop system and then, the household would enjoy a credit in their monthly utility bills just by agreeing to have the Solar PVs installed on their rooftops for around 20 years.

Once the solar panel rooftop system is setup, the homeowners would then be paid 3 cents per kilowatt hour that was generated. That amount could roughly jump to $20 a month; this income would then be credited to the homeowner’s utility bills.

Now, this might alarm small and medium solar energy companies that are trying to make a profit out of Solar PVs designed for small households. Well, they do not have to worry. We, at TheLeadTree, might just be able to help them.

TheLeadTree has been in the solar lead generation industry in over a decade. We’ve been helping solar energy companies through the years by providing them only the freshest high quality and exclusive solar leads that we produce straight from our in-house call centers.

We have the capability for call live transfers from our call center floor to our client’s sales representatives. Apart from that, we also have the ability to schedule sit down appointments between our clients and the solar leads. This is possible through our CRM,, which contains all of our recorded solar leads, which are monitored and evaluated by our team of high skilled quality assurance specialists.

Apart from that, all the generated solar leads from our in-house call centers come with 3 great guarantees:

  • We guarantee each lead is exclusive and will never be resold.
  • We guarantee each lead will meet your criteria such as age, homeowner status and specific zip codes
  • We guarantee every appointment.

With the three great guarantees mentioned above, our client’s would undoubtedly have a higher sales conversion rate. This is also due to the fact that we never resell our solar leads to other clients and that each lead matches the requirements specified by each of our clients.

We ensure that our solar leads pass our client’s criteria thanks to the script we follow. Our script contains several pre-qualifying questions (make that a total of 11 questions) that are aligned to the standards of the solar industry.

Apart from that, we are a BBB accredited company with an A+ ranking, which gives our clients the confidence that we know what we’re doing and that they would certainly be getting what we promised to deliver. Our integrity is always at stake whenever we provide solar leads to our clients that is why we make that everything is absolutely clear of error and that our clients would be satisfied with the results generated by our solar leads.

So if you’re a small or medium sized solar energy company that wants to increase their revenue through solar lead generation, we’d definitely love to hear from you. Call us now at our hotline +1-910-795-2888 and get a sample of our high quality solar leads.

We are confident that you’ll love the results coming from our generated solar leads.

Solar Lead Generation 2015 Data

Solar Lead Generation 2015 Data

Solar Lead Generation and the Solar energy industry in general have truly been raking fantastic numbers this 2015. This is because of the growing interest on renewable sources of energy, the most popular of which is solar energy and its role in curbing the effects of greenhouse gasses.

The year is almost over and several diplomats have gathered to Paris along with several climatologists, scientists, and field experts to discuss concrete ways on how to curb the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. One solution that is always being brought up on the table is the use of renewable sources of energy.

Among the renewable sources of energy, solar energy is absolutely one of the most popular because is it relatively easy to use and maintain. Apart from that, there had been guaranteed results since a numbers of studies tabulated to data on the consumption of energy before and after Solar PVs were installed in certain communities.

Speaking of numbers, 2015 has been a very good year for the US Solar market as “1,361 megawatts of solar PV” have been installed in Q3. This would make it the “eighth consecutive quarter” when more than 1 gigawatt of PV installations was added in the country. Also, 30% of the new electric capacity in the US was built in the first three quarters of 2015 come from solar energy.

Among the 50 states that comprise the union, over 25 of these get more than 50 megawatts of their cumulative power from the newly installed Solar PVs. To date, 18.7 gigawatts of Solar PVs have been installed, this number is greater compared to what was built throughout 2014.

Now, this is certainly good news for all solar energy companies whether big or small, season or startup. This means that more households and businesses are getting more interested with renewable sources of energy, particularly on solar energy.

On the other hand, solar energy companies need to be more creative in terms of getting more prospective clients now that the solar energy market is getting saturated with solar energy companies that have sprung up. Well, we might just have the solution for that concern.

We, at TheLeadTree, are a solar lead generation company that has been working with giants in the solar energy industry for over a decade. Our clients have made us their partners in their success story as we still keep on providing them the same freshest high quality solar leads that are used exclusively by our clients. Because of our dedication to our craft, our clients have been making reorder of our solar leads since the time we started doing business with them.

Our integrity is our primary capital when we generate high quality solar leads. We’ve proven this time and again as we’ve been a BBB accredited company with an A+ ranking for quite some time now. The secret behind this is our in-house call center is composed of qualified solar lead generation experts that have been trained to provide only the best solar leads that would match our client’s criteria.

We also have the ability to make call live transfers from our call centers to our clients sales representatives. That saves them time as well as increases the sales conversion rate of every solar leads generated by our experts. Apart from that, we could also schedule a sit down appointment between our clients and solar leads.

Meanwhile, all our solar leads go through a stringent evaluation and validation process conducted by our quality assurance specialist. After that, they are stored in our CRM,, to ensure our clients that all of the solar leads we’ve produce could be reviewed and verified if they have any concerns about it.

So if you are a small or medium sized solar energy company, we’d surely be glad to speak with you. Let us help you reach your goals. Dial us up at our hotline +1-910-795-2888 so we could discuss with you the future of solar energy in the US.

Trust us, it’s definitely bright!